Awakenings Treatment is a dual diagnosis rehab in California that specializes in holistic healing. Many of our patients have health conditions in addition to the disease of addiction. These conditions can be physical, psychological, or emotional in nature. Any given patient may have one or more of these conditions besides the disease of addiction. The reason why most drug and alcohol rehab centers fail to help their patients recover for the long-term is that they don’t address the underlying problem(s) of their patients, and they use flawed and outdated treatment models.

The Need for Dual Diagnosis

Treating addiction without treating a patient’s underlying conditions is incomplete treatment at best. Usually, these underlying conditions spur active addiction. Because the symptoms and consequences of addiction are so severe, most people with underlying disorders go unnoticed and untreated. Whatever problems these patients have are chalked up as being the results of substance abuse. Until we begin to diagnose and treat these underlying causes, rehabilitation treatment centers will continue to get a bad reputation.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Just as important as knowing if a person has a co-occurring disorder is knowing where the underlying disorder comes from. Many people started using drugs because they were looking for a way to mask their pain or change themselves – even just temporarily. These kinds of people usually suffer from PTSD, social anxiety, depression, and other disorders. Still, some patients had no underlying disorder until they began using drugs or alcohol. Essentially, these people developed their co-occurring disorders as a result of substance abuse.

Determining where the disorder comes from takes time and is done so through one-on-one therapy and close observation. Learning where the patient’s underlying disorders come from helps us to understand them better and customize a short-term and long-term recovery plan for them with holistic therapy at the center. Recovery plans for dual diagnosis patients may or may not include medication.

Understanding the Addicted Brain

The problem with an addicted brain is that it depends on substances for survival, the same way the brain depends on food, water, sleep, and air for survival. Pathways in the brain are created and reinforced by behavior. For this reason, it is possible to sever undesired pathways, like addiction, and create new, healthy pathways in their place. Things like nutrition, meditation, and other holistic therapies can aid in and speed up the process of pathway creation in the brain, but these things take time and patience.

The other reason why conventional drug rehabs experience low sobriety success rates is that they ignore modern science and use outdated treatment models.

Get the Help You Need Right Away!

If you’re way is working for you, it’s time to try something new – before it’s too late! Don’t wait until you overdose or die to think about asking for help. Awakenings Treatment is a dual diagnosis rehab in California that can help you get clean and stay clean with our unique holistic addiction treatment plan.

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