Awakenings Treatment Center to Offer Unique New LGBT+ Track

AGOURA HILLS, California – Recognizing a deep and growing need throughout the United States, the Awakenings Treatment Center, in Agoura Hills California, will offer an all-new track dedicated to the healing of trauma, addiction, self-harm behavioral issues and other challenges faced by those in the LGBT+ community.

Unique Care Treatment for the LGBT+ Community 

Awakenings Treatment Center, the acclaimed Agoura Hills, California-based outpatient care facility which provides treatment for a variety of mental health issues, will offer an all-new program to provide unique care and treatment needs to the LGBT+ community, beginning on January 6, 2020.

Having treated many LGBT+ clients, throughout the years, Awakenings Treatment Center has not previously devoted an entire track to the LGBT+ community.

“Awakenings Treatment Center has always been an affirming space for LGBT+ individuals, however, we wanted to create a focused track for this underserved community and offer an increased sense of safety and connection,” said Awakenings clinical director Lauren Wolff, LMFT, who will head up the new track.

“I saw a gap here,” said Wolff, who has an extensive background in treating the LGBT+ community and those navigating gender issues and transition. “We are offering a resource not only here in Agoura Hills, California, but also a much-needed resource that’s truly missing for LGBT+ community members nation-wide.” 

A Vital LGBT+ Treatment Need

Wolff, who joined the Awakenings Treatment Center staff in January 2019, had a goal from the start to create an LGBT+ treatment track, based on the vital need she has seen in this often underserved group. Throughout her 15-year career as a therapist in residential and outpatient facilities, Wolff has focused much attention on the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community. 

“On top of all the challenges people face today in just being human,” she said, “and, as a member of the LGBT+ community, I can add another layer of navigation. Support and unrelenting acceptance are critical to the healing of trauma, addiction, and self-harm behaviors.”

Wolff has seen tremendous results from Awakenings outpatient treatment, which generally lasts three to six months. “It is possible to heal and be well,” she said. “we’re happy to provide a space for this particular population to do their work in a safe and welcoming environment.”  

The  Awakenings Treatment Center’s LGBT+ track will focus treatment on a wide variety of topics related to sexuality and gender to include processing social pressures and social norms, safety in society, bullying, transitioning, body image, hormone therapies, sexuality, and gender expression. 

“We’ll also look at healing trauma and grief, educating family and friends, and the challenges of parenting,” Wolff said. “Mental health, self-esteem, and coping strategies while identifying and addressing behavior patterns, such as self-medication, escapism, and isolation will be included.” 

With several therapists on the staff who also have experience in LGBT issues, Wolff said she is “confident and excited about the support we will be able to provide to the community.”


About Awakenings Treatment Center

Founded and operated by Dr. Shari Corbitt, Awakenings Treatment Center is a 13,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility. Situated within a spacious office building, the labyrinth of warm, soothing individualized treatment rooms aid in each client’s needs and the path to healing.

A “Dr. Phil”-preferred facility, Awakenings Treatment Center is among the premier addiction treatment centers in Southern California.

Using a holistic healing approach, including alternative therapies such as breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness training as well as neurofeedback including Alpha-Stim and movement therapy – all of which set Awakenings Treatment Center apart. 

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For more information about the LGBT+ track at Awakenings Treatment Center, including how to sign up, email Lauren Wolff at or call 855-717-3268.