Do We Know What Causes Addiction

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A number of studies has been done on drug addiction, what causes it and how it can best be treated, but we are only scratching the surface on what we know. Addiction is a complex disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking, despite negative consequences.

The decision to experiment with drugs is usually voluntary, but repeated drug use is not. Changes occur in the brain that make it difficult, or even impossible, for people to stop using drugs. Even after addiction treatment in Agoura, people are at a high risk for relapse because it takes so long for the brain to return to normal.

For now, there are things that we know about addiction and why are some people are more likely than others to develop it. Let’s learn more.

Factors that Cause Addiction

No one factor leads to addiction. Instead, it’s a combination of factors that puts a person at a higher risk for addiction. Still, no one is immune to becoming an addict, as addiction does not discriminate.

  • We are born with our genes, and they account for roughly half of a person’s risk for addiction. Included under this section are gender, stage of development and ethnicity. For example, men are more likely than women to become addicted. Also, those with mental illness are at an increased risk for substance abuse.
  • A person’s environment includes numerous influences, such as economic status, education level, exposure and access to drugs and alcohol and parental guidance. Parents who misuse drugs and alcohol or engage in codependent behavior are more likely to have children with substance abuse problems.
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol at any age can lead to problems, though the earlier it begins, the greater the risk for addiction. This is why experimentation is a problem in teens, as their brains are not fully developed and they can quickly become dependent.

Is there a Way to Prevent or Cure Drug Addiction?

Addiction is like other chronic diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease. It is never eliminated from your life completely, but there are ways to manage it. However, in order to be successful, you must make smart decisions for the rest of your life. Depending on your stage of recovery and your triggers, this may include staying away from bars and nightclubs, cutting ties with certain individuals and treating mental illness.

As for preventing addiction, it is possible to lower the risk in teens and young adults. Prevention programs in schools, communities and churches have been shown to be effective at reducing the need for drug rehab in Agoura. Families should also talk about substance abuse early on. Other preventive strategies include:

  • Have regular family time
  • Eat dinners together
  • Include the kids on household chores
  • Limit electronics
  • Practice open communication
  • Know your child’s friends
  • Get rid of all unused pharmaceuticals
  • Encourage extracurricular activities

Drug addiction knows no bounds. Everyone has some possibility of becoming addicted, which is why it’s best to stay away from drugs and heavy drinking at all stages of development. Awakenings Treatment Center offers complete dual diagnosis treatment in Agoura for the mind, body and soul. Contact us today to start your journey to healing.