Family after drug rehab

Preparing for a Loved One’s Return Home from Addiction Rehab

Preparing a safe, stable and supportive environment is essential upon your loved one’s return home from addiction rehab. Adapting to a new life will come with its ups and downs, but providing a solid support system will make the process easier for everyone.

Below are some tips on how to prepare your home for a loved one returning home from addiction treatment, whether here in Agoura Hills or another rehab from across the country. 

A Clean Home is Key

A clean home will give you the chance to make things comfortable for your loved one, and it will feel like a fresh start for the whole family. Furthermore, if you haven’t had a chance to clean the house since your loved one left for rehab, there could be drugs or paraphernalia laying around. It’s dangerous to have these items in the home, as they could cause your loved one to relapse. 

Lock Up Alcohol and Prescription Meds

The safest decision is to lock up prescription medications and hide alcohol. Early recovery is a journey, and there will be some ups and downs. You don’t want your loved one to have immediate access to narcotics or alcohol if they’re having a bad day. Removing these items or locking them up can help your loved one prevent relapse. Plus, you’ll know what you have on hand for monitoring purposes. 

Encourage a Consistent Routine 

Without a routine, people can get bored and start fantasizing about drugs or alcohol. People in early recovery are still learning good coping skills, so they’re likely to still be dealing with negative self-talk and negative thinking. Having a routine keeps people mentally and physically busy, so they can focus on rebuilding a healthy life. 

As part of a healthy routine, your loved one should have some chores or responsibilities around the home. They should also follow up with their appointments, participate in their 12-step meetings, and perhaps even attend an outpatient drug rehab in Agoura Hills. These programs meet for a few hours most days of the week. 

Work on Open Communication 

Active addiction involves isolation and deception, so practicing open communication should be at the top of your priority list. Hopefully, you have been practicing healthy communication in family therapy. Talk to your loved one about their journey, their struggles, their goals and potential triggers. You’ll rebuild trust along the way. 

Establish Healthy Boundaries 

You’ll want to establish healthy boundaries before your loved one returns home. You’ll need to hold your loved one accountable for their choices and actions. Decide what is important for your home and family. Do you expect your loved one to be home by a certain time? Will they be expected to help around the home? What happens if they relapse? 

Welcoming a loved one home from a treatment center in Agoura Hills can be both exciting and stressful. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and getting the support you need.

Addiction affects everyone in the family unit, so it’s important to heal. Contact Awakenings Treatment Center to learn more about our outpatient treatment facilities and how they can help support your loved one’s journey to sobriety.