Staying Sober on the Fourth of July

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It’s almost Independence Day – one of the biggest highlights of the summer. For people in recovery, this time of the year can be the hardest. There are endless parades, festivals, concerts, barbecues and fireworks, and drinking tends to be the focal point of all of them.

Unlike the winter holidays where people spend more time indoors, the Fourth of July brings everyone outdoors. There are parades and festivals in the streets, concerts in the park and gatherings in backyards. It’s hard to get away from the festivities.

While drinking is certainly sensationalized on the holidays, remember that not everyone is doing it. Below are some tips for staying sober on the Fourth of July, as well as ideas on ways to celebrate.

Tips for Staying Sober on Independence Day

Right now, everything is immersed in red, white and blue. But, Fourth of July is only one day. You must protect your addiction treatment in Agoura, as this too shall pass. Here are some important tips to follow:

  • Go to your meetings. Being with other people is a great way to get through the temptation. You can attend any open meeting in your community or join an online meeting at
  • Practice self-care. When things are more stressful, you need to step up your self-care routine. Be sure to eat nutritious foods, get enough rest at night and exercise most days of the week.
  • Keep busy. Boredom is a common relapse trigger. Keep yourself busy with hobbies, exercise, cooking, volunteering, gardening and other activities. Plus, staying busy tires you out, making it easier to sleep.
  • Download an app. Keep support near by downloading a sobriety app. You can track your recovery, read motivational quotes, reach an addiction hotline and read the reasons why you quit drinking in the first place.

Having Sober Fun on the 4th of July

Looking for fun things to do this Independence Day? Some of our favorite (and reasonable) ideas include:

  • Attend a festival. Many cities have ethnic celebrations, tasting booths, outdoor concerts and more. Choose a festival where drinking is not permitted outside the beer tent.
  • Spend the day swimming. Most swimming pools do not allow alcohol because people shouldn’t swim while intoxicated. So, you should be safe in this environment. Or, opt for a fun and busy day at the water park.
  • Visit the zoo or amusement park. Alcohol is often sold at these locations, but drinking is limited to certain areas only. So, if you’re walking around the park, you won’t come into contact with alcohol. And, seeing the animals or riding rides should keep your mind off drinking.
  • Volunteer your time. If you’re feeling bitter or resentful that you can’t drink, donate your time on the Fourth. This is a great way to give back to others while changing your perspective on things. Volunteering is a humbling experience – some people don’t even have food on the table or a home to enjoy.
  • Participate in a walk or run. If you participate in a summer walk or run, the training will keep you active and busy over the 4th weekend. You’ll have something to look forward to and exciting goals to reach.

Remember, Fourth of July will come and go. No party is worth losing your sobriety over. Keep focused on your goals, choose your activities wisely and take extra special care of yourself. If you need more support from an outpatient drug rehab in Agoura, contact Awakenings Treatment Center today. We work with people in all stages of recovery!