Meet The Team

Mindy Johnson

Primary Therapist & Family Clinician

Mindy Johnson is Awakenings’ senior Primary Therapist & Family Clinician. Mindy was raised to help others as a child and into her teenage years. The child of two staunch civil and women’s rights activists in San Francisco, California, the idea of being of service and giving a voice to helping those who cannot find their own, was instilled in her even as a young child. Mindy’s eventual academic and professional pursuits in the mental health and substance abuse field were an organic experience for her. As such, Mindy’s Awakenings clients benefit from her authenticity and sincerity. At Awakenings, Mindy serves clients with complex mental health and substance use disorders. In addition, Mindy specializes in the treatment of members of the LGBTQ community who are struggling with addiction, alcoholism and related mental health disorders. Working and living in San Francisco in the 1980’s meant that Mindy lost mentors, colleagues, and many friends to the AIDS epidemic. Witnessing the devastation, loss and trauma it caused for many members of the LGBTQ community imbued a strong and unique sense of empathy that she carries through to her work in treatment. The realities of the AIDS crisis as well as the act of coming out adds additional layers to many men and women in the LGBTQ community as they address addiction. Mindy’s work with the LGBTQ community to understand this and to help individuals to process and heal is a powerful asset to Awakenings clients and families.