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The Fall Season is Great for Your Mental and Physical Health!

Yes, the fall season can actually be boost your mental and physical health! The official start to autumn doesn’t begin until September 23rd, but the first signs of the season are already here. The sun rises later and sets earlier. The temperatures and humidity are dropping. Plus, the kids are back in school, so the daily routines have returned.

It’s important to embrace all seasons. This helps us live in the present and focus on the things we are grateful for at the moment. Below are some of the best reasons why autumn is a season that can boost your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Fall activities are opportunities for fitness and socialization.

There are many fall-specific activities to enjoy from late August to early November, such as apple picking, pumpkin picking, raking fall leaves, etc. All these activities get you outdoors and burning calories. They tend to be things you do with others, too, so you can squeeze in quality time with family and friends. I love to take long road rides and train with my cycling group!

Seasonal fruits and vegetables add color to your meals.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are in great supply during the fall season, so you have plenty of new dishes to make. Visit your local farmer’s market to stock up on the freshest picks from the season, such as apples, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkins. Be creative with this produce, such as roasting pumpkin seeds or making homemade applesauce.

The cooler temps and drop in humidity make outdoor time more comfortable.

If you don’t enjoy the heat and humidity, the fall season is a nice break. You can spend more time outdoors without being uncomfortable or worrying about the dangers of heat stroke. Plus, all times of the day are comfortable. Enjoy a walk in the morning and a relaxing evening by the bonfire.

You start following a routine again.

It’s important for people in recovery to follow a routine. However, if you have kids or work with kids, your schedule probably changes in the summer. Usually, schedules get more relaxed, which can lead to boredom and cravings. Now that fall is here, it’s time to get back in the habit of following a routine.

The fall foliage connects you to nature.

If you live near Agoura Hills, CA, or any other state with a mild winter, you won’t be treated to the same fall foliage as other areas. But, there are exceptions. If you head to the mountains where it gets colder, you can see brilliant fall colors. What a wonderful way to connect to nature, practice gratitude, and grow in spirituality!

If you time it right, you can also see some fall color in the desert. Look for buckwheat, desert trumpets and tamarisk trees. As they go through their cycles, they change color and add a beautiful fall look to the desert valley floor. For more information on how to see fall color in California, visit

If you need to add more structure to your fall routine, contact Awakenings Treatment Center. Our outpatient drug rehab in Agoura offers flexible, client-centered treatment for individuals with substance use and mental health disorders.

About Shari Corbitt

Dr. Shari Corbitt is a distinguished clinical psychologist with an enduring commitment to enhancing the mental well-being of individuals and communities. Holding a Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D), she has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise, making her a trusted authority in the field of mental health. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Corbitt has provided compassionate and evidence-based therapy to countless clients. Her areas of specialization range from cannabis-induced psychosis and mood disorders to anxiety, and chronic pain, as it relates to PTSD and trauma, as well as stress-related conditions. She is widely recognized for her empathetic approach, creating a safe and supportive space for clients to embark on their healing journeys. Dr. Corbitt founded Awakenings Treatment Center to provide cutting-edge treatment for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders, as well as related emotional difficulties. Optimal wellness is the goal for every client. She lives in gratitude each day for her own recovery, which she enjoys one day at a time.